Also say autumn aspic: 10 ℃ control autumn aspic to stop a body to old injury needs skirt of Buddhist monastic discipline to install – net of legend preserve one’s health


“Spring cover autumn aspic ” it is people the method of preserve one’s health that comes out in the summary in long-term life practice. “Autumn aspic ” meaning it is the autumn does not want rapid move to buy thick clothes, want to undertake a few cold-resistant take exercise conciously, can raise the human body suiting to chill so ability. “Autumn aspic ” either…

        “ spring cover autumn aspic ” is people the method of preserve one’s health that comes out in the summary in long-term life practice. Meaning of ” of “ autumn aspic is the autumn does not want rapid move to buy thick clothes, want to undertake a few cold-resistant take exercise conciously, can raise the human body suiting to chill so ability. ” of “ autumn aspic is not to advocate aspic to with a rustle must quiver, should feel cool slightly with “ meaning, but do not become aware cold ” is a principle. Nevertheless, want “ aspic ” gives health, here still has knowledge greatly.

        3 autumn “ aspic ” is different

Chu Qiu hotly not disappear, air temperature still tall, just as well of ” of aspic of apparent “ aspic, need not tote the clothes hastily. Midautumn air temperature begins to drop, although cool very not cold however, be ” of “ autumn aspic at this moment relatively beautiful period, especially black prime of life, clad should control somewhat, let ” of airframe “ aspic conciously, lest heat up sweat to go out personally, the bad news that hurt shade is angry. Change of late autumn climate is bigger, difference in temperature of morning and evening increases, especially when Qiu Dong has sex, chang Youjiang cold air is invaded, pelter of air temperature of as a result, be like another flavour to importune “ right now autumn aspic ” , can be just the opposite to what one wished.

        ” of aspic of “ of north and south is different

        Our country north and south differs twice because of situation, be in climatic also somewhat difference. General and southern cool autumn days comes behindhand, change of daytime difference in temperature is not very big, enter a winter even still very not cold, reason need not buy the clothes too quickly, can extend the time of ” of “ autumn aspic appropriately. And north is different, say cold cold, daytime difference in temperature is big, do not go blindly accordingly “ aspic ” , experience chill in case.

        Often want less careful “ aspic ”

        With respect to human body character, children is the body of this world of childish shade childish, lying grow growth phase, oneself adjustment ability is poorer, encounter cold stimulation, the body can produce undesirable reaction very quickly, cause acute bronchitic, pneumonic wait for a disease. The person arrives senile, all of yin and yang declines, systemic resistance drops, drive cold ability is abate, cold stimulation can bring about bronchus and hemal convulsion systole, not only send easily chronic have a recurrence of an old illness of asthma of bronchitic, bronchus, have occurrence angina of some of patient of coronary heart disease, miocardial infarction even, hypertensive patient happens apoplectic. So, ” of autumn aspic of children and old people “ is become Shen Zhi careful!

        Patient cannot “ aspic ”

        Especially patient of ill patient of blood-vessel of head of diabetic person, heart, chronic kidney, stomach and duodenum ulcer patient, patient of respiratory system disease and rheumatism, kind rheumatism disease patient, it is absolutely do not suit “ of autumn aspic ” . Additional, after play knife and fork, in the morning before 9 o’clock, do not suit outdoors activity, the acute that can prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel effectively so breaks out.

        These place cannot “ aspic ”

        ■ navel: From the point of the angle of preserve one’s health, navel is absolutely cannot turn in weather cool when of catch a cold catch a cold. Do not have hypodermically because of navel adipose, proximate and rich nerve ending and nerve clump, be opposite so exterior stimulation is particularly sensitive, be invaded easily by cold evil. Navel once catch cold catch cold, bellyacke diarrhoea unavoidable; Be like long-term catch cold catch cold, urology disease searchs easily also come to come.

        A lot of females like to wear the outfit that show hilum, the catch a cold catch a cold of celiac minister time that has vitals enrages assault, cause the disease such as Gong Han, dysmenorrhoea easily, cause even infecund. If be to be in the girl in development or young female, cause uterine growth likely undesirable, for the following knot legitimate Yo buries next an apple of discord. So autumn female is in when outfit should notice protection is alvine.

        ■ first: The hat had better be worn when going out after ” of “ White Dew, use when shampoo than a bit hotter at ordinary times water, oozy on forehead sweat cannot see wind when water. Because the head makes those who be Zhu Yang of human body “ collect ” ,this is, it is one of place with the most exuberant gas of systemic this world. This place if catch a cold catch a cold, this world inside body enrages greater part of meeting be lost. The person with patient of heart head blood-vessel, not lukewarm limb, person of easy feeling chill wants to notice especially.

        ■ foot: People should be worn a bit a bit thicker, the comfortable, comfortable, footgear that sucks sweat. Take a walk in the village in the evening in the morning especially when, cannot wear a pair of comfortable slipper in order to resemble to finish sth in that way at ordinary times. If be outdoor,drenched rain, use base of hot water hubble-bubble after come home without fail. Crural part cloth is worn human body 6 important passages through which vital energy circulates, once catch a cold catch a cold, can cause the disease such as cold, tracheitis, dyspeptic, insomnia.

        ■ articulatory: Articulatory catch cold catch cold can be brought about blood becomes poor circularly all round joint, because articulatory and local blood capillary and organization produced change to produce phlogistic sex material, make nerve ending suffers oppress and suffer from on arthritis.

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