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Drink mineral to change body acid-base value to be able to give birth to the boy, the husband and wife that a lot of preparation are pregnant believes thoroughly to this, even daily and drinkable instead drinkable mineral. In each in big supermarket, the one side goods shelves that at present the mineral of all sorts of brands occupied beverage area almost greatly…

Drink mineral to change body acid-base value to be able to give birth to the boy, the husband and wife that a lot of preparation are pregnant believes thoroughly to this, even daily and drinkable instead drinkable mineral. In each in big supermarket, at present the mineral of all sorts of brands held the one side goods shelves of beverage area almost greatly, the brand is multifarious, the mineral of a few brands hit “ to keep the ad such as the ’” of ‘ gold water that the soda acid inside body balances on body. Companion warms up as mineral sale, supermarket staff member discloses, in former years sells common mineral to begin heat to sell nowadays.

As mineral the sale warms up, such as mineral can reduce weight, gout of wine of hairdressing, solution, cure, alleviate the view such as acid of high make water also sheds get round socially, of the most absorbing eyeball is, drink mineral to be able to lay the boy’s view. Ms. Li marries half an year, because the old person in the home likes male baby, collect the secret recipe folk prescription of unripe boy everywhere, in the half an year of equipment pregnant, everyday drinkable mineral, feel dizziness, body is lack of power recently, in the hospital the examination appeared unexpectedly exsanguine shape, jiangsu saves Ling Xiufeng of director of center of reproduction of health care of Nanjing city women and children to tell her, mineral is one kind slants really alkalescent beverage, about its the view of a variety of effect basically comes from the concept of sex of human body soda acid, but limit lack as a result of what human body acid-base value affects to health sufficient and scientific basis, at present this concept does not have final conclusion in professional domain, can not serve as professional basis, excessive and drinkable mineral still can cause a harm to the body.

A lot of “ that circulates on the net is parturient in recipe ” , a kind of academic equipment related to soda acid constitution gets attention, namely: Eat alkalescent food “ to make ” alkalescent constitution give birth to the boy easily more, and eat much after constitution of acidification of acidity food form easy unripe girl. Many youths are planted to this viewpoint have the greatest esteem for. Ling Xiufeng expresses, the Y spermatozoon that the popularity of soda acid theory and certain research think to decide to give birth to the boy is in slant alkaline annulus churchyard is more active relative, and so called “ slants the index that alkaline ” can not quantify, also do not have very scientific basis. Because will look from medical angle, the PH value of human body is constant, rely on impossibly to eat which kind of food to appear big error. Additional, alimental soda acid is the category that food chemistry studies, as humoral as the generation after entering human body to metabolize soda acid is not a thing. Contrary, if eat some to plant in great quantities to give birth to the boy alleged and alkalescent food, because partiality for a particular kind of food brings about nutrient disequilibrium,take be out of order possibly still even.   

Ling Xiufeng says, consumer applies common state of mind to treat mineral, ever the patient makes ” alkalescent constitution drink high concentration mineral and strong tea in great quantities for “ , the result drinks a kidney stone and anaemia. Path of the esophagus of human body, bowel is to slant alkalescent environment, but the stomach is acidity environment however, mineral of long-term and many drink goes to negative effect since the meeting, cause dyspeptic, alkaline toxic wait for a symptom, light an anorexia, disgusting, have a headache, convulsive, heavy insensible, especially old people and nephritic ill patient, take for a long time happen more easily alkaline toxic, drink commodity mineral for a long time at the same time, agent of should careful artificial sweet taste and flavor absorb overmuch influence health.

Ling Xiufeng reminds, clinical go up to still had contacted many using alkalescent sodium bicarbonate water rinses the vagina, the hope can give birth to female patient of the boy. In fact, bring about vaginal bacterium because of using ” of recipe of this kind of “ group the there are plenty of such people that unbalance causes inflammation, as a result your spermatozoon crosses the vagina and ovum band harder, conceive the child harder instead. Make a person more of anxious is, some females are measured piece the vagina often still is rinsed with sodium bicarbonate water after be pregnant, the purpose makes through this kind of practice the core condition “ of the vagina and even uterus slants alkaline ” turns with achieving “ the purpose of fetal ” , the result brings about abortion, premature delivery however or caul is defeated early wait for a variety of danger elephants. Accordingly, the pass on a message that changes sexual ” to all sorts of “ do not credulous, more do not make pregnant woman random take what folk prescription, hormone, lest be opposite,the body of mother baby causes beyond recall harm.

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