The men and women manages to the different heart of sexual behavior net of doctor of neighbor of _ of little sister of adjacent of _ of _ sexual behavior

In the era that this character behavior opens, no matter be a man, still be a woman, it is clinking to advocate, also somebody is going after a gender purely. Of course everybody is sexual desire, but cannot turn sexual desire into practice, before producing sexual behavior, you must understand, with the opposite sex go to bed can bring what harm to you. So men and women with both sides to mixing stranger go to bed or is producing relation psychology how think? Understand together.

Neighbor doctor net / sexual love

Woman piece

1, go to bed implies sacrifice, to the woman, sexual behavior more it is consecratory, is not to ask for. Lost blameless body from this, from this heart no longer pure. In the meantime, you also lose the chip that interacts with next man.

2, two people owned interest of go to bed truly each other, you are the person of the other side, what don’t have to not OK communicating and be shared.

3, the weightening finish that go to bed means the status in your heart in the man, can reason asks for love to the other side. But regretful is, the man does not think so.

4, go to bed means you to be able to care a man more, arrive from basic necessities of life eat and drink pull scatter, square field surface, reach every aspect of a matter. Sentimental autograph osmund new Ymg366

5, go to bed meant you to become real woman, arouse more potential, the brightness of coruscate maternity.

Man piece

1, go to bed meant him to have a woman completely, opened the woman’s most mysterious veil, but this does not mean evermore, he can love this woman more, also be interest likely devoid.

2, go to bed means his heart grow, evermore leaves place male, become one right man.

3, the relation that go to bed means two people had more thorough development, the other side becomes his woman, need cautiously ponders over the life.

4, go to bed implies responsibility, there is the child forever in the man’s heart, do not experience a gender to had be toed be less than grow.

5, go to bed means physiology to satisfy, the man is next animals that think personally partly, going after a gender is to send from instinct.

Epilogue: Want to release oneself sexual desire, hope you can look for a loves with you person that loves you to have sex, such ability let both sides get satisfaction quite.

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