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Summer sorching, the intense heat of summer is intolerable. Emerge in brain right now such picture: The dress from morning till night that boards personally is wet! Connect briefs even of wet Da Da! What? Someone says briefs is wet wet! And egg egg also can itch!

Briefs is wet wet, strange weather is too hot, egg egg is urticant also, cannot this blame weather?

EggSao is urticantwhat does the reason have?

1, scrotal moisture

Scrotal moisture is a kind of symptom with man scrotum common position, main show often appears for concealed bursa place damp, even Sao is urticant, be in especially the summer with torrid weather. Scrotal moisture brings about private parts easily to cause a bacterium, cause orchitis, epididymis easily thereby phlogistic etc contract kind of disease.

2, Prostatitis

Summertime season heat perspires easily, it is easy also that infection inflammation suffers from prostatitis the state with occurrence egg urticant egg, and also can appear the following symptom, for exampleFrequent micturition, Make water is urgent, uric drop drop.

3, briefs element

Is egg egg Sao urticant also matter with briefs? That is affirmative. Briefs is not certain must of pure cotton, the most important is to want dress comfortable. Should choose normally comfortable breathe freely, the briefs of material qualitative softness, such briefs can provide easy environment for egg egg, can protect private parts.

4, carelessly wholesome

In this broiling and intolerable summer, the man perspires easily originally, but some man friends take seriously not quite in individual sanitation respect, so it is again normal that egg egg Sao itchs nevertheless, because long-term bacterium causes place to bring about,this basically is. So, man friend needs to notice sanitation daily, change briefs frequently.

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