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  Sexual life of husband and wife? A lot of young couples are in the does not take care sexual life sanitation with sex extraordinary time, if appearedSexual desireCome wet time, no matter be in when, in what kind of environment, no matter be in what what kind of condition can have sexual life, actually this kind does not tell fault of constant error of healthful practice dispute, can give the man or the female’s body can bring insalubrious influence, such meetings cause disease of occurrence department of gynaecology simply, Sexual life of husband and wifeAlso can bring about female occurrence urethritis, had been in soSexual life of husband and wifetime must take care sanitation, can appear in order to prevent so a lot of diseases.

Have video of a lot of sexual life of husband and wife at present, what we have an interest is OK learn. Sexual life of husband and wife piece process / method:

1, the environment of the choice must appropriate room is decorated and the environment all round. AboutHusband and wife livesIt is very important, the environment that chooses a bedroom so chooses as far as possible quiet, so OK better, avoid to encounter the cause trouble of the outside, indoor light must soft, the environment that can invent a kind of warmth so is amiable atmosphere.

2, must notice before sexual life genital is wholesome, can be if sexual organs hypothesis is not clean inside the vagina that coital time enters a lot of dirty stuff areas to the female, can cause occurrence infection thereby. A lot of sufferring from on the female of palace neck canker is sexual life not wholesome form, should bathe before sexual life every time so.

3, inMenstruationBe cannot of sexual life, because the female is inMensesThe film inside the female’s uterus appeared to fall off between, workerPlaceOpen already position, be in suppose the word of this time sweet river, can aggravating vaginaHyperaemia, formMenstruationVolume increase, menstruation is outspread, and can bring about a few bacteria to enter an uterus, fit reproduction organ is affected.

1001 ask sexual life of husband and wife item:

Weekly sexual life two advisable, hypothesis sexual life too again and again if, can bring about human body to appear tired spirit is depressed the state with lack of power whole body, should adjust good intention anxious, heed the wholesome demand of each respect, such ability can ensure the health of body of husband and wife, the male or the female is discharged after sexual life make water.

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