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Now, suffer from every yearThe male not YoThe male friend of disease is already increasing, and ascendant rate is exceedingly rapid, the harm that this kind of disease causes to male friends is very much, and a lot of man friends’ premature contact sexual life, also can bring about the generation of this kind of disease, so below I for say the man not what is the note of Yo patient.

Got the man not Yo note one: Want to be checked first

Some people did not make the not care a nut before the examination, always thinking is not his thing, once the examination is sick panic-stricken, use remedy in disorder. This doctor there look twice to did not get effective, it is good to hear of that doctor again go seeing a doctor again, a little while doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, a little while Western medicine, the medicaments that in the end ought get effective, also do not receive due result.

Got the man not Yo note 2: Keep scrotal inside inferior temperature

The mankind is in embryo period spermary is inside abdominal cavity, asBabydevelopment and childbirth go out, spermary falls scrotal. Scrotal temperature relatively the temperature inside body is low 2- – 3 ℃ , do not make scrotal temperature rises. Right long sit quietly works, long-distance driver, like the person that wears tight pants, have can make of scrotal place medicinal powder heat is affected, and send local temperature to lift. Before reason two kinds of people should be time rise or get off mobile activity, comfortable to be being worn for latter trousers more be helpful for bearing. Temperature of surface of some people scrotum is higher, can stick apply scrotum with cold water in the late evening, with dropping scrotal temperature appropriately, such more the generation that is helpful for spermatozoon.

Got the man not Yo note 3: Adjust appropriately sex frequency

Discover from inside studying scientificly everyday sex 1, seminal quality can be reduced somewhat, lie between quality of 2-7 day seminal fluid to be able to keep normal. If seminal fluid does not grant for a long time eduction, spermatozoon can lose energy in the ageing inside reproductive path again, be gobbled up by other cell place. Accordingly, restrain sexual life not intentionally to ask at ordinary times. Can begin in before 1 day of oviposit day commonly, sex of every other day 1 in all 3, can make spermatozoon has an opportunity to often awaiting ovum inside female reproduction path so come and with one action combines a success.

Got the man not Yo note 4: Increase nutrition

Acid of ammonia of the cholesterol in nutrient composition, essence and zinc and ammoniac relationship are most close. Cholesterol is the important raw material that synthesizes sex hormone, eat the pluck such as a few liver, head, bowel, abdomen to be able to be helpful for the synthesis of sex hormone more appropriately. Acid of ammonia of essence of life is the essential part that spermatozoon forms, it is protein main ingredient, soFeed moreContain a lot ofprotein food, if the meeting such as lean lean, fish, egg, milk is helpful for bearing, eat the food with the more acid of the ammonia that contain seed such as garment of frozen bean curd, bean curd, walnut, sesame seed more especially more be beneficial to raw energy.

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