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What fish suits little baby to eat more?

2016-10-08 17:05:36

Now, a lot of parents want to have a fish more to darling, but think to wait for Yu Hantai’s high cholesterol like saury, squid again, do not suit little baby to eat. But, food of general animal sex, the content of cholesterol is met a few taller. Eating these alimental moment to eat the vegetable fruit of a variety of full amounts at the same time, can avoid cholesterol overmuch. Want baby only actually not allergic, what fish can eat. Variety is richer, the child’s nutrition is more comprehensive. Nevertheless, the respect of the quantity wants proper.

Can raw fish let darling eat?

The fish was not burned cannot let darling eat fully. Often eat without the fish that thoroughly cook or raw fish, suffer from verminosis likely, occurrence inappetence, abdomen aches, the disease such as hepatomegaly, yellow bravery and dropsy, serious meeting causes ascites.

Because be in fresh fish, especially middling of fresh water fish has helminth parasitism. When accordingly parents are doing a fish, must thoroughly cook burn fully, cannot let darling eat raw fish and did not burn the fish that appear.

Skimp darling eats dried fish floss!

Value of nutrition of dried fish floss is high, edible is convenient, and need not worry about fish bone problem, parents perhaps can think this is the means having a fish with best darling. Accordingly, some father mother makes darling many edible dried fish floss: Mix congee, noodles served with soy sauce, make sock to darling. However, research makes clear, content of the fluoride in dried fish floss is higher. If father mother gives darling to eat everyday 10 to 12 grams dried fish floss, darling will absorb fluoride from inside dried fish floss 8 to 16 milligram, plus the fluoride that absorbs from inside water and other edibles everyday, so, the volume of the fluoride inside darling body exceeds safe value very easily. Fluoride is inside body save up, bring about fluoride of baby food sex easily toxic. A lot of children produce fluorine spot tooth or fluorine bone disease, contain fluoride with overmuch edible overmuch food is relevant. So, dried fish floss can eat, but cannot regard as nutrient complement tastes long-term edible, cannot become darling to absorb the only origin of cruelly oppress more.

Fish of choose and buy when what respect does need note?

The attention answers when fish of choose and buy: The flesh wants bouncy, fish character branchial show small protruding of damask or vermeil, eyeball and complete, scale does not have black and white clarity, exterior fall off, the stink that do not have raw meat or fish. The mom that is afraid that fish bone is blocking darling can choose fish of aspect of Luo Fei fish, whitebait, Xue Yu, black carp, catfish, yellow croaker, flatfish, horse to wait to darling. These do not have spinule almost in cruelly oppress. When eating hairtail first take out the thorn of two side, the big thorn that connecting with vertebra among remnant only, very good also get rid of. When eating fish of weever, crucian carp, silver carp, bighead, blunt-snout bream, can let darling eat piscine abdomen meat, without spinule, can be at ease darling eats.

Still have, cruelly oppress had better use the means that steam or bakes after redemptive home, avoid deepfry, in order to withhold most nutrition.

Do a steamed fish to eat to darling:

Raw material: Bream 1 or hairtail 500 grams; Salt 1 spoon, candy 1 spoon, wine 1 spoon, a few of ginger, green, ripe oil 1 big spoon.

The method that make: (1) goes to the fish scale and splanchnic, abluent, piscine body delimits blade or stripping and slicing; (2) puts the fish into porcelain dish, mix with salt, cooking wine, candy, ginger divide evenly, clothe lasts film, buy high power 3 minutes, again the power in buy heats 3 minutes; (3) is taken out, scatter on onion powder, ripe oil can; (4) chooses the cruelly oppress of maw place to feed darling, here cruelly oppress does not have thorn almost.

Still have, since understood what fish bone little, mom can have more attempt completely, e.g. : Oneself start work the mud that do a fish. Choose the fish with little thorn, go head end takes a middle, flay and central bone, the knife law that breaks with behead gets cruelly oppress cut extremely fine, the lay open that use a hand cannot see grain, like be like mud, this is piscine mud (also call Yu Rong) . Next, you can undertake stewing according to the recipe of bought bottled fish mashed vegetable or fruit, fry, boil, also can add all sorts of vegetable mud cooking, the piscine mud that makes up more taste eats to darling.


Steamed weever

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