Children grow permanent teeth suits to eat to feed _ cate the world forcedly

Children grow permanent teeth suits to eat to be fed forcedly

2016-10-24 14:59:37

Machine the development of course of study as food, the bate liability of children food is very serious. Although excellent food goes against the assimilation of children to absorb, but too soft food also has the place with adverse huge, it causes children tooth lack extremely easily to take exercise. Additional, look from beautiful angle, too soft food goes against the formation of facial line.

Should chew appropriately solid food

People thinks normally, the infant ought to eat only a few soft soft food, this is a kind of wrong viewpoint. 4 months after actually the baby is born, its tooth already development arrives certain level, enough mastication is semisolid even solid food. Because this deciduous teeth is long,should eat more some contain a lot ofthe fiber, food that has certain hardness, wait like fruit, carrot, legume, corn, in order to raise the masticatory rate of darling, move through chewing the movement affects facial muscle and eye muscle, quicken haemal circulation, the development of bone of stimulative gum, jaw and cover character.

Do not have good thing adverse grow permanent teeth

The tooth is main the function is masticatory food, chew food can promote root of deciduous teeth tooth grow development and nature are absorbed, fall off, the food of seldom and masticatory certain hardness can affect dental growth. The child arrives 67 years old or so, constant tooth begins in succession bud goes out, replace original deciduous teeth. Tooth of some children constant although already bud goes out, deciduous teeth often does not agree however ” abdicate ” , force constant tooth to must grow from the glossal side of deciduous teeth or labial side, form ” double deck tooth ” , cause constant tooth to arrange not orderly. This and child chew ability difference matters.

Accordingly, as the growth of child age, should make the child much eat beans of some of jellyfish, earthnut, sugar cane, the five spices to wait be able to bear or endure chew food, in order to maintain favorable to deciduous teeth stimulative effect, make deciduous teeth fall off on time. The grind one’s teeth after the front tooth before becoming the child is mixed already bud goes out, can raise the food such as some of celery, corn, apple to its, make grow permanent teeth is finished smoothly, let the child have a healthy and orderly tooth.

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