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Pregnancy eats sugar cane 3 big cases want to notice

2017-03-21 11:42:30

In pregnancy, if pregnant Mom wants to take the word of sugar cane very much very much, it is eatable, but must right amount eat. But, some places still are of need attention!

1, sugar cane appears on the market in autumn commonly, but in a lot of supermarkets whole winter, it is spring has sugar cane to sell even, the person that lets like it can eat at any time. Nevertheless, the sugar cane of spring is the goods in stock of autumn mostly, stored after winter, deteriorate extremely easily, in material of shape of occurrence garrulous of sugar cane extreme or white of capillary of fine and soft. After incision, there still can be gules filiform thing on section. When somebody buys sugar cane, do not have choose carefully, seeing gules filiform thing thinks again after incision is normal phenomenon, sugar cane is brought about after result edible toxic, so, pregnant Mom wants to eat sugar cane to notice to want to eat should of season oh.

2, the sugar cane noxiousness that mildew changes is very big, toxic the symptom after also is given priority to with loss of central nervous system. Generally speaking, eating sugar cane 2, after 8 hours, occurrence vomiting, giddy, headache, eyesight obstacle, then limb is rigid wait for a phenomenon, it is the apparent symptom with toxic sugar cane, serious still can bring about insensible with death.

3, the effect that sugar cane has nourishing Qing Dynasty to heat up, the disease such as the cough that causes to treating dry of hypoglycemia, constipation, queasy vomiting, lung, asthma has certain curative effect, still can alleviate guttural ache. But, the person that has slow gastritis, gastric ulcer and indigestion and diabetic are unfavorable edible. So, it is of need attention that the pregnant Mom with not quite good, tall blood sugar returns the stomach, had better be not to eat!

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