4 cherry cookbook is delicious and good-looking return the world of nutrient _ cate

4 cherry cookbook is delicious and good-looking return nutrition

2017-03-28 09:18:42

1. cherry is sweet soup.

Material: Bright cherry 2000 grams, white sugar 1000 grams.

Make: Cherry is abluent, after adding water decoction 20 minutes, add white sugar afterwards to boil again one, the cease-fire after 2 boil reserves. Daily take 40 grams of 30 ~ .

Effect: This soup has effect of stimulative blood reborn, can use at assisting cure to be short of iron sex anaemia. The pregnant woman that prevents anaemia can try to fall.

Cherry of 2. dried mushrooms.

Material: Water sends dried mushrooms 80 grams, bright cherry 50, pea seedling 50 grams, white sugar, Jiang Zhige is right amount. Make: Water hair dried mushrooms, bright cherry goes miscellaneous abluent; Pea seedling goes miscellaneous with old bine, abluent cut paragraph; Fry boiler to burn heat, next rape oil are burned to 5 when becoming heat, put dried mushrooms stir-fry before stewing to fry fully, join ginger juice, cooking wine to mix divide evenly, after adding soy, white sugar, refined salt, Xian Shang to burn boil again, cook over a slow fire of instead small fire burns moment, join pea seedling, gourmet powder again in boiler, tasty hind ticks off Gorgon euryale with wet starch, put cherry next, drench on sesame oil, outfit giving boiler dish (face of stay of proceedings up) become namely.

Effect: This dish has energy of life of the beneficial in filling, prevent cancer to fight cancer, step-down falls the effect of fat. Apply to hypertensive, tall lipemia, coronary heart disease and cancer patient to feed. Hypertensive pregnant woman is OK and proper edible.

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