Spring season the world of cate of _ of 3 treatment involving the use of tonics to restore the patient’s health

Spring season 3 treatment involving the use of tonics to restore the patient’s health

2012-02-07 13:53:24

One, the god fills

Spring is a madman easy come on seasonal. Average person appears possibly also the sentiment is flabby, much dream, thinking is active and center hard, appear Mondayish and lack of power, spirit is depressed wait ” spring tired ” disease. Especially aged weak and sick person, bear to undesirable stimulation ability is poor, spring constant sensitivity, irritating, no less than ” old old Heng Yan ” point out: “Senile liver blood declines gradually, rather the gender is unripe impatient. ” change this kind of undesirable mood optimal way is the constitutional state according to the individual and hobby, seek respective asthetic mood, treat sentiment with contented, happy situation annals, the attune that raise liver is magical. When Chun Nuanhua leaves, can go up about close friends goes out go for a walk in the country in spring admires willow, play a bird or take a walk acrobatics, be helpful for human body get rid of the stale and take in the fresh, adopt true air, in order to whitewash blood of essence of life, fill raise internal organs of the body.

2, feed fill

Spring feeds Bu Yixuan to use more delicate and gentle and the food of assist healthy atmosphere, benefiting vigour. If slant at deficiency of vital energy, can eat more a few be good at the food that lienal beneficial enrages, flesh of egg of the congee that be like rice, yam, yam, potato, egg, quail, chicken, quail, beef, thin pork, fresh fish, earthnut, sesame seed, big jujube, chestnut, honey, milk. Slant to be not worth at enraging shade, can eat a few beneficial to enrage the food that raises shade more, wait like flesh of flesh of meat of flesh of lotus root of carrot, bean sprouts, bean curd, lotus, water chest nut, lily, tremella, dawdle, duck’s egg, duck, rabbit, frog, chelonian, soft-shelled turtle. Additional, spring food eats even some of low adipose, tall vitamin, tall mineral food, wait like head of fresh and vegetable shepherd’s purse, cole, celery, spinach, Ma Lan head, medlar head, Chinese toon, dandelion, this to creaming because of winter surfeit Liang Hou flavour, the heat inside be caused by of close fire heavy fur coat slants Kang Zhe, still can have clear hot detoxify, cool blood bright eye, know interest 2, wake lienal appetizing wait for action.

3, medicine fills

Fill as to medicine, it is to be aimed at human body to already gave the inadequacy that shows gas, blood, shade, positive side apparently, support is fed when filling to already cannot correct its deficit, answer to fall in guidance of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, the invigorator with inflict smooth pleasant, with flat regulation yin and yang, dispel ill fitness. Lack of power to body empty, enrage idle talk less, do not be able to bear or endure overworked, often catch a cold, perspire easily or splanchnic prolapse, but take into consideration the circumstances is chosen in officinal ball of air of the beneficial in filling, ginseng be good at screen of the lienal bolus, sweet arenaceous bolus that raise a stomach, jade comes loose etc, the medicinal food is optional feed dangshen of the root of remembranous milk vetch to stew rice of jujube of soup of mushroom of chicken, ginseng, ginseng, wind Li Jian lienal a thick soup cooperate cure. Additional, according to the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine ” Chun Yi raises this world, raising liver again ” wait for theory, the function of liver of spring human body is relatively exuberant, reason should notice filling liver, congee of usable Gorgon fruit is enraged with beneficial essence, glutinous rehmannia congee goes with complement empty, windbreak congee limb is angry, wait to fill in order to enter with medlar, sealwort, Yu Zhu, the root of straight ladybell. A black liver that returns optional tableware to have filling effect piece, swallow litre of abdomen of rice of holothurian, ginseng, Chi Jianfeng coronal hair with aiding diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain.

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