Dietary precaution winter is common the world of ill _ cate

Dietary precaution winter is common ill

2012-02-07 14:15:36

1, prevent apoplectic

1, prevent apoplectic

The United States studies the report is announced, eat the spinach of certain amount and carrot everyday, can reduce apoplectic risk apparently. Its study the data shows: The apoplectic odds of the person that the lady that has a spinach everyday eats 1 than a month became low 53% ; The person that eat a carrot everyday compares the person that do not eat low 68% . Carotene of this main profit from, cholesterol can prevent after it is changed into vitamin A deposit on hemal wall, maintain cerebral blood-vessel unobstructed, prevent thereby apoplectic.

2, prevent a heart

Investigator of ill Holand medicine thinks, apple, onion, tea can protect a heart, can reduce the incidence of a disease of heart disease, because a large number of yellow ketone are contained in these food natural and chemical antioxidant. Consider to make clear, the yellow ketone material in food basically originates apple, onion and tea, every insists to drink tea everyday the odds that the man of 4 cups of above dies at heart disease can decrease 45% , eat an apple an above person can reduce an in part.

3, prevent cancer of the stomach

The material of a research that medical expert publishs recently shows, folic acid and selenium yeast all have the effect that avoids cancer of the stomach. Reach the discovery of long-term and clinical observation of patients of pair of atrophic sex gastritis through animal experiment, folic acid and selenium yeast are opposite inside animal body not only the pathological changes before cancer has inhibition, inside human body as much effective. Kidney of liver of greenery vegetable, fungus, animal contain a lot offolic acid and selenium element, appropriate is fed more.

4, the cancer that prevent bowel

A of American cancer institute extensive investigation discovers, like to eat of all kinds food grains other than wheat and rice, fresh vegetable, the person of right amount and drinkable claret, the odds that its produce alvine cancer relatively Everyman is low 50% . Because the part of aspirin is contained in claret, reason conduces to reduce the odds that contracts cancer.

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