8 nutriment alleviate the world of cate of _ of eye excess load

8 nutriment alleviate eye excess load

2013-12-30 11:24:17

Guide language: Autumn is dry, appear even the eye easily also dry phenomenon. Add the modern equipment such as the computer that uses ceaselessly, mobile phone, the eye is already serious excess load! Do not want to continue eyes mist, complement for the eye rapidly 8 kinds of nutriment, make an eye heavy have deities to shine!

Computer, mobile phone, IPad… our life already more and more cannot leave these electronic facility. But, electronic equipment also makes our eye whacked. Does eye doing itch acerb, eyesight becomes poor? Suggest you give eye complement 8 kinds of nutriment more.

1. vitamin A

It can make the sensitive material of retinal surface, nyctalopia lacks vitamin A to cause namely. Staring at computer screen for long, can use up vitamin A in great quantities. The commonnest the food that contains a lot ofvitamin A is pluck, but its contain cholesterol taller, do not suit a large number of edible.

The proposal can eat the food with the much carotene that contain β , for instance the green yellow vegetable such as carrot, spinach, maize fruit, egg kind, dairy produce, because carotene has β on average inside body,1/6 can be changed into vitamin A. Nevertheless, vitamin A, β carotene is fat dissolve sex, with adipose take the effect together much better, had better join course so or eat after the meal.

2. kind carotene

Besides β outside carotene, kind the other member with familial carotene, xanthophyll, corn is for instance yellow element, healthy to the eye contribution also cannot be ignored.

8 kinds of nutriment alleviate eye excess load

Kind the origin of carotene, include to fizzle out greatly, deep green with gules vegetables and fruits, wait like pumpkin, green chili, tomato, corn, Chinese flowering quince, Hami melon, mango, watermelon. Xanthophyll is in with corn Huang Suke bottle green is found in much leaf vegetable, wait like Qin of spinach, mustard orchid, mustard, West.

Vitamin of 3.B a group of things with common features

It is concerning the health of optic nerve, also have the effect of shielding angle film. Lack vitamin of B a group of things with common features, incidental nerve pathological changes, neuritis, faintness of eye easy photophobia, eyesight, weep etc.

The complete corn edibles such as bread of rice of unpolished rice, embryo, whole wheat, still vegetable of hepatic, lean lean, yeasty, milk, legume, green waits, contain a lot ofvitamin of B a group of things with common features.

4. vitamin C

Guava, yangtao, Chinese flowering quince, orange, orange, grapefruit, strawberry contain vitamin C more. The vitamin C when Ji Shui fruit is taller at the same time. A few vegetable have vitamin C already, can offer β again carotene, be like green pepper, mustard orchid, on the west orchid, spinach, tomato.

But vitamin C is afraid of heat, be afraid of the light, be afraid of iron bowl again, had better eat raw as far as possible in order to reduce nutriment prediction of a person’s luck in a given year.

5. vitamin E

Vitamin E also is to fight oxide, the plant is oily (for example oil of seed of oil of olive oil, soybean, peanut oil, sunflower) , firm fruit (for example seed of walnut, almond, cashew, earthnut, pine nut, sunflower) , wheat bud, it is the good origin of vitamin E.

Remind everybody nevertheless, want those who control oil to absorb an amount, it is an unit with the porcelain spoon that have a meal, a day at most two spoon. The energy of firm fruit is not low also, can eat two only at most everyday. Firm fruit as far as possible need not salt is fried, do not add candy.

6. cyanine element

This kind of antioxidant can enhance cyanine element nightly eyesight, yellow spot of slow down eye degrades.

The vegetable of the color such as red, violet, amaranthine, blue, fruit or bacca, for example: Yue Mei of red beet, La Mei, tendril, black cherry, violet grape (skin) , California plum, contain cyanine element.

7. protein

The rhodopsin on eyeball retina is comprised by protein, protein lack, can bring about rhodopsin to synthesize inadequacy, appear then eyesight obstacle.

Accordingly, should give an eye at ordinary times much ” eat ” some contain the food with faster protein, be like lean lean, fish, breast, egg and big bean products.

8. zinc

The body should keep clear of freedom radical, need zinc mineral help. And, consider to discover, devoid zinc may bring about yellow spot ministry to degrade.

Zinc is giving birth to oyster, shellfish, fish have in all seafood such as shrimp. Additional, in wheaten, nut, also contain zinc.

TIPS: It what cross-eye eyeball eat is good to what cross-eye eyeball eat?

On the west orchid

Orchid can raise eyesight to still can prevent cataract not only on the west. On the west corpus luteum element and jade cream-colored are contained to pledge in orchid (kind carotene belongs to) of medium antioxidant of nutriment of a kind of plant. This kind of material has profit very much to crystalline lens. These kind carotene can make eye cell relieves the pressure that gets freedom radical to be caused to its.


Garlic is to use the wonderful food that raises eyesight. The sulfur in garlic can be firm crystalline lens, and let it become have tenacity more. In addition, the onion that contains a lot ofsulfur also has profit very much to eyesight.


The vitamin A that contains in apricot can be absolved by freedom base the harm that causes to the eye. Kind of a few carotene that are in charge of raising eyesight still are contained in apricot.

Bean products

The fatty acid with the cross-eye beneficial eyeball with indispensible human body is contained in bean products, plant sex estrogen, vitamin E and natural fight inflammation agent. Fabaceous grandma, soya bean, soja cheese this kind of bean products is profitable the eye is healthy. The olive oil and corn edibles food that contains a lot ofvitamin E is beneficial to your eye likewise.

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